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Anki is the third PKM 個人知識管理 that I built, after DTSearch and Evernote. Today, it is my most frequently used and updated system. I almost stopped using DTSearch altogether for its being on the old Windows 10 VM, a resource hog on my Mid-2014 MacBook Pro (Intel)|2014年版MacBook Pro. As for Evernote, it is where garbage data goes to die. I still use it today, making most of the free 60MB storage per month to store random web content and short memos.

I started putting all my effort into Anki in ... 2019, when I successfully imported 200,000 English-Chinese dictionary entries into it and started liking its versatility. The rest is history.

Now I have this as my second weapon: My first Obsidian vault: EKLIAO.

Verdict: 4 stars


AnkiWeb surprisingly fast

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Searching - Anki Manual


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Despite Anki's official documentation, Anki does not support parentheses at all. I have tried many times and have given up. Parentheses for grouping (either capturing or non-capturing kind) is crucial in regex searching.

No "search as you type" functionality

Migrating to Obsidian

Anki hacks I've learned

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Desktop performance tracking

After Anki Issues of Slow Desktop App, I decided it was time to track every newly installed add-on to monitor for performance issues:

More ...


Anki Export Considerations: text vs apkg

Anki data merging project (WIP w ongoing change log)

Refocusing on Glossary Management