iCloud slowness

Despite I've crossed over from the Windows world into almost becoming an Apple "fanboy," certain things like Airdrop, Sync, and especially iCloud are constant sources of frustration.

iCloud becomes painfully slow in syncing a non-trivial number of files. This has become a daily technological hurdle. But I have a lot riding on iCloud being functional and timely. For one thing, the whole Obsidian publishing of my website relies on it.

It is also the darn bottleneck when experimenting with Anki migration to Obsidian. I am moving 800,000 files (yes, close to 7 figures) into Obsidian to stress-test its capability, but before I get to see how OB crumbles under stress, it will take several days for iCloud to finish syncing, and its progress indicator is only ever a suggestion, never giving you reliable time estimate about how much longer. For example, syncing a fraction (about 250K) of the 800K, I have to stare at a stuck progress bar like this, worse than watching paint dry.


iCloud has a pricing plan for increased storage beyond the meager free 5GB space. I'm often at 3-4 GB full. Modern-day media files like audio and video eat up space easily. I think my next move is to pay $12/year to get 50 GB iCloud and see if the sync speed improves.