InterpretBank (IB for short) is one the most promising candidates in my quest to find the one-and-only glossary lookup tool.

I first heard of IB in 2000, from its carefully curated YouTube short videos showcasing so-called Automatic ASR (a beta feature), displaying bilingual glossary terms (user supplied) based on live speech recognition. I had a 14-day trial of IB and spent a couple of hours testing this functionality, creating an audio-perfect condition for it to perform. The results were... uh... abysmal, jaw-dropping bad: the ASR produced hit-and-miss results, working about 20-30% of the time and, like a baby throwing tantrums, it decided to display a long series of nonsensical ">" from time to time.

From this eye-opening experiment, I concluded that as expected, one should not trust any advertisement and just take any boastful claims at face value. The proof of the pudding is in the tasting.

Looking back now, I won't count IB out as a useful tool yet. I'll focus my attention on trying out its glossary management and lookup capability. In that 14-day trial almost three years ago, I spent a good two hours' time on it and screen recorded the process.

InterpretBank Trial Journal ⛔️