UpNote - Escape from Evernote|幫助Evernote難民出走的佛心軟體

Started using it only for the ability to painlessly import Evernote ENEX, keeping Evernote tags (in two ways). Also, for good measure, its multiple export format choices: markdown, html, PDF, etc.

(2023-12-03) Started paying a super affordable $0.99/month to use it. After a while, I may consider buying its onetime lifetime license for just $30 (price for the U.S.; it's each cheaper in Taiwan).

Quick verdict: 4/5


Preserving Evernote metadata and tags like no other tools can

Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 18.09.32.png


Search has become slow, sometimes painfully so

Previously unnoticed, search sometimes takes more than 5 seconds to get any results. This feels like an eon compared to most tools. The silver lining is I have not found the search results to be unreliable (false positives or negatives).

Search does not support regex like Obsidian

The web clipper is less powerful than Evernote's

The clipped content is usually quite complete. But it may miss certain headings or user names (attributions), strangely. This may be a problem because in a forum or post, knowing where one's comment begins and ends is as important as the comment itself. This problem is observed mostly in complex posting structures e.g. Facebook and Reddit. For simpler articles, such as the bilingual New York Times articles (English and Chinese translation), it is perfect.

Not free, though quite affordable ($0.99/month or $30 for onetime, lifetime buy-out)

I finally gave in and paid $30 to buy it end of March 2024.

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