Hypothesis - a public-by-default web annotation tool 預設公開的網上標註筆記工具

A flexible online highlighting, note-taking, and sharing app. What sets it apart from Omnivore and Glasp is that you get to control each note's visibility: by default all notes are public and published, but you can make a note private, viewable to you only, by either creating it in a private group or setting it to "to me only" in a (default) public group. I tested this and it works as claimed.

Anyone can read and search for a public note without a Hypothesis account.

Hypothesis doesn't compete head-on with Omnivore because it isn't also a reading app, but in my opinion it kind of eats Glasp's lunch simply by having a functioning Obsidian plugin that syncs to Obsidian, like Omnivore does. However, Glasp uniquely offers a very cool capability of video annotations for YouTube. (2023-12-16) YouTube annotation is now possible with Hypothesis, for videos that have subtitles at least. #todo Test videos with purely Chinese subtitles.

This tool seems rather popular with teachers and students because it integrates with learning management platforms like Canvas.

Quick verdict: 4.5 stars 強力推薦



These two problems with Hypothesis may nudge me into trying out Reader to see if its sync is always complete and covering updated highlights and annotations.

Observations while using it 使用心得

Access control: sanity check 檢驗權限:無誤

Before login

Screen Shot 2023-11-08 at 17.05.52.png|600

After login

Screen Shot 2023-11-08 at 17.06.21.png|600

Pictures can be selected along with text 圖片和文字可一起擷取,成功同步到Obsidian

!_attachments/Screenshot 2023-12-03 at 12.06.10.png

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Sites on which Hypothesis may experience difficulty loading 載入Hypothesis註記可能發生問題的網站