LiquidText full feature list

date-created:: 2023-05-20

Detailed Feature Summary

Features available in LiquidText BASIC

  1. Award winning active reading and note taking app
    • Named App Store "Editors Choice".
    • Winner App Store "Most Innovative App of the Year".
    • Patented features for active readers.
  2. Unified Workspace:
    • Source document and notes in one workspace.
    • Drag excerpts directly from source document into notes.
    • Notes linked back to original document with a single click.
  3. "Pinch" gesture "collapses" document around search text and highlights
    • Scroll through document search results to see all your results together, with as much or as little context as you need.
    • Also scroll through your highlights to see them together with as much or as little context as you need.
  4. View distant parts of document together
  5. Generate Mind Maps
    • Connect notes together into network of observations.
  6. Export notes in standard formats
  7. Import documents in most popular formats (PDF, Office, web pages, more)
  8. Award winning, patented multi touch document manipulation gestures on touch enabled devices
  9. Gestural functions beautifully translated for keyboard and mouse/touchpad based devices
  10. Interface to popular cloud storage services, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, iCloud (Apple only)

Additional features added in LiquidText PRO 2023

  1. Write Anywhere: Full inking support
    • Write freehand on your documents, your excerpts, your comments, and even directly on the workspace!
    • Includes a pen tool, a highlighter, a customizable color selector (allowing you to choose your favorite colors for quick use later).
  2. Link Anything Just by Drawing a Line
    • You can link any point in any object (i.e., document page, excerpt, workspace, comment, etc.) to any point in any other object - just by drawing a line from one to the other! When you draw a line between objects, the app creates a "live" Ink Link that updates as the objects move, and fades if the objects get far enough apart.
    • The app puts persistent link-buttons on both ends of the Ink Link; tap one to retrieve the object on the other end!
    • You can create as many of these Ink Links as you want, creating mind maps, showing how different documents relate, showing how ideas on different pages connect, or citing which documents and sources inspired your ideas.
  3. Draw a Circle or Box to Create a Freeform Excerpt
    • Draw a large circle, box, or other shape in a document, and a small button appears: drag the button and a freeform excerpt is instantly created from whatever was in the circle/box/shape. ===is the excerpt Text searchable?
    • Connect these freeform excerpts together to form groups, just as with all LiquidText excerpts.
  4. Additional Ink-Related Features
    • Includes FingerDraw mode: when active, the app will treat any input source as a stylus.
    • Includes an eraser tool as well of course, that erases both regular freehand ink, as well as Ink Links.
    • All excerpts and comments can be resized - including freeform excerpts.
    • Create empty comment bubbles (called InkBoxes) that you can simply draw ink inside of, and attach to the document or workspace.
  5. Tagging
    • Tag excerpts, create tagged highlights.
    • Group tags by category.
    • Search for tags by name and even by category!
  6. Import Multiple Source Documents into One Project
    • Import any number of documents or webpages into a single LiquidText project (until device runs out of space).
  7. Unlimited Workspaces in One Project
    • Add an unlimited number of independent workspaces in each project.
    • Organize and nest workspaces, move content between them.
    • Create ink or text links connecting workspaces.
    • Display multiple workspaces in parallel.
    • Customize style and apply tags to each workspace.
    • Drag excerpts into links to send to the destination workspace.❓
  8. Integrate Information Across Sources
    • Pull together excerpts from all different documents into a single workspace. Tap an excerpt’s link button to instantly display its source.
    • Create comments referring to multiple documents at once.
    • Even create comments in one document that refer to another document!
    • Copy URL links to text selections or objects! Paste into text boxes, other LiquidText projects, or even other apps.
  9. Integrate with Zotero 筆記軟體 and Mendeley. Import documents with metadata directly from your reference manager, and automatically export back again!
  10. OCR to select text and search in scanned documents!
  11. Display Documents in Parallel
    - Drag documents from the “Document Pane” to display them above/below others that are already visible.
    - Hold one document in place with one finger while doing any action that would normally switch documents; and the app will show both documents at once.
    - Drag the dividers that separate visible documents to reapportion space as needed.
    - View up to 3 (5 on PC) documents in parallel (note that this limitation is only on parallel viewing; you can import a virtually unlimited number of documents in a single LiquidText file).
  12. ***Fast Keyboard Control
    - ***Just start typing to navigate to a page, document, or table of contents section--or to start a search.
    - Select text or objects and start typing to add tags or comments on your selection.
  13. Global Search Across All Files
    - Search for keywords ❓across all your LiquidText files.
    - Search in LiquidText's home screen, or in iOS's Spotlight Search (iPad only).
    - Search for keywords in the title or text of your documents.
  14. Search Across All Documents in a Single LiquidText Project
    - Search for phrases and keywords across all the documents in a given LiquidText project. The Document Pane will show all the sources with results, and a visual estimate of where those results are in each document.
    - Create comments referring to multiple documents at once.
    - Organize the documents in your projects into folders that display in the Document Pane.
  15. Expanded Color Palette
    - Highlight document text and workspace objects with expanded 32 color palette.
    - Set your favorite colors to access them the fastest!
  16. Export Documents and Notes
    - LiquidText's "Notes Export" exports all the notes across all the documents in a given LiquidText project.
    - LiquidText's "PDF Export" function exports a combined PDF of all the documents in your LiquidText project. But it will first ask you which documents should be included.
    - Drag links to LiquidText projects into your operating system file folders.❓
  17. Up to 10 devices per license
    - You may run LiquidText Pro on up to 10 personal devices using the same platform (iPadOS, MacOS, Windows 10/11/X)

Additional features added with subscription to LiquidText LIVE

  1. Enhanced Feature Tier (unique features for subscribers only)
  2. All Updates Available at no Extra Charge
  3. Real-time Cross Platform Sync
  4. Continuous Backup
  5. Multi Device Display:
    • All your devices are updated real time and simultaneously.
    • Use all your devices at once while working on a project.
    • Use your desktop or laptop as additional displays for your tablet, or vice versa.
    • Use your tablet to edit with touch and ink while viewing and keyboarding on your desktop
  6. Highlight, tag, or link to your search results.
  7. Up to 10 iPadOS, MacOS and Windows versions can be mixed and matched in one license
  8. Up to 1GB of cloud storage and backup

Additional features added with subscription to LiquidText LIVE Unlimited

  1. Unlimited Cloud File Storage
  2. Replace Document
    • Replace a document with a newer version where pages have been added or removed.
  3. Collaboration (Coming 2022)
    • Share your documents and notes with colleagues in real time.
  4. Priority Support
  5. Participation in LiquidText Group Video Masterclasses

Security and administration

  1. We keep your data private—if you do not enable our sync and backup service, our apps keep all your content (documents, notes, etc.) stored only on your devices, and even we cannot access it. Our apps do not send your content to us or our servers unless you enable our sync and backup service. See Privacy Policy for details.
  2. Our sync and backup service is built and maintained in-house by our team; it is built on Microsoft Azure to facilitate reliability and security. When using our sync and backup service, your data is mirrored on your device locally as well.
  3. Our mobile app uses the standard Apple document picker interface to facilitate compatibility with MDM solutions for managing remote storage access.
  4. We support the Business Center for Windows version bulk purchases with self distribution and license administration.
  5. Enterprise sales through Apple and Microsoft Business Stores are also supported