Obsidian plugin - Importer|Obsidian匯入多種筆記軟體內容的神插件

As shown in the picture below, what a life saver this is! It even supports the native Evernote .enex export format. How come I didn't know this this earlier? Glad I did, and I immediately changed tack to using ENEX-based solution over HTML: Evernote termination and exodus 「永遠」筆記(Evernote)不再永遠

Obsidian 的開發社群實在太強了!

!_attachments/Screenshot 2023-12-02 at 20.10.11.png


The only thing YARLE does better is that it also adds the creation date metadata in the original Evernote notes. So, use YARLE over Importer for Evernote .enex whenever possible.

Trying it out on a small notebook


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