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Title: "(118) Make invoicing and project management a breeze with - WEBINAR - YouTube" Transcript: "hello hello everyone and welcome to this Tech forward insiders webinar make invoicing and project management a breeze with and I'm so excited about this one because I don't know about you but I really really hate taxes and the financial side of work and so having a tool that streamlines and simplifies these things makes my life easier and I hope that you'll find by the end of this webinar that there's a great tool out there that will make your lives easier as well let me just start with some quick housekeeping I see you're all starting to introduce yourself so go ahead and say hi in the chat hello to everyone I'm Josh Goldsmith The Geek in Chief over at Tech forward which is all about empowering language professionals like you translators interpreters and other language professionals to embrace technology to learn about the chain Changing Times and to streamline their lives right and I see that some of you are writing in so hello to everyone joining us live the Insiders joining us live on Zoom other people joining us live on YouTube if you're an Insider hop into Zoom so that we make sure we see your questions we'll do our best to answer questions from everyone but we will give preference to the Insiders there and also a big hello to everyone watching the replay it's so exciting to see that people are joining from all over from Lima Peru Santa Rosa California Memphis Hong Kong Alabama Canada um Washington DC Norway and other places so a very big welcome to you this webinar will be about sure we don't miss them and please feel free to share highlights or screenshots on social media only me and and Sophie will be visible on the screen and speaking of which we've got a special guest today hi I'm Sophie hi everyone how are you doing it's so great to have you here and Sophie is part of the lsp. expert we'll talk about the stuff you need to do yeah on the business side of your business so creating jobs setting up your services and your languages and fuzzy matches labels filters and stuff like that um we'll also talk about time tracking and expenses and Q a please do keep those questions coming throughout the session we'll be answering them as we go and now a quick poll what do you use for invoicing or project management so your options are a word or Excel be an invoicing tool for small businesses like QuickBooks freshbooks Zoho and the like see LSP expert D related to invoicing billing or project management into the chat as we go along and in the meantime I'll say that some of the reasons why I think you probably need an invoicing or project management tool R for tracking all of your projects payments and expenses for quickly firing off invoices or quotes to clients when they're asking how much would you charge for this project you want to send them something that looks professional with your logo on it with all the information and you want it to be quick which is why I'm a was complaining about exactly the same things as I was doing so I started exploring my options and looked into lsv expert and other tools but the other tools were either or at the same time too too complicated or too expensive so I quickly chose LSP and then never turned back um just because the the thing I love the most about that is that it allows me to invoice all of my clients at the end of the month in just like two minutes which is the best thing ever in the world yeah and you're not alone when I first started off those invoices and quotes in any language you want and what I really like about this tool usually I'm on the lookout for tools that are not just designed once and then parked in a corner somewhere but tools that are constantly being updated based on feedback from users and that is the case with LSP expert if you click this link I'm just gonna pop it in the chat for anybody who's curious if you click this link you'll see hundreds and hundreds of updates that have been made to the tool over the years which I think is great um we changed our detailed forms so that we can in the future hopefully near future um match other software like tax filling accounting softwares Etc as some of you mentioned um things about governments and everything in Europe it's moving quite fast many governments are changing things around accounting and we are trying to keep up with the game knowing that we just have just one it guys are doing our best um we also updated our price calculations and hierarchies so that you could easily create jobs that would be we're going to fill okay that was fast Julie urban planning English to Spanish I'm going to say it's a translation for now translation English to Spanish perfect so I'm not going to ask you the name of your client Julie I'm just going to type Julie's client as an example so we'll click the plus button right here and you'll type the name of your client here you could put in contact information if you wanted that's optional and then you can type in the start date and the end date so and random and this is translation and our language pair so I don't have the language pair in here yet so I'll just hit plus and we're going to go from English into Spanish how will we be sorry to interpret you if there is a language we don't have on the list you just send us an email and we'll add it as quick as we can awesome how will we be billing let's just say we're building this one in words for now and this project is 2579 words why not and then under billing we've got a few different options per unit with a fixed questions at that point oops I keep clicking all the wrong things today in three minutes all right everyone welcome back so hope words or days or something else and there can be other units if it's not on the list you can just click the plus button to add the unit that you want and the same thing applies for domains I believe if they're not on the list you can add them right answer fee yes before the domains you'll have to add them in your settings so let's go look at how we add them in our settings so over here when you log in uh well when you look at the sidebar you'll see your name and when you click on it you can go to add it to the list so what is missing from this list what kind of services might be missing translation proofreading interpreting anyways let's just say I also have a medical interpreting service that I wanted to add here I could do it that way I could ah transcription thank you transcription thank you very much and voice over and yes mileage sure so you saw I just added all three of those services in as as fast as I could type them basically language pairs yeah again so in the services if there is ever a service you don't offer things that you're doing if it's mileage is going to be miles and you charge per mile well I've just added miles as a potential unit so that I can fill that in later and there are other things down here so hours for example is when you do time tracking that one is automatically set up by default and we'll see how that works in just a second I think that's everything I wanted to show people for this step uh prices right you can set prices for specific types of clients for example suppliers did that go first of all I saw a question from somebody how do I add services so let me just show you one more time how you do that so when you are on any other page like the jobs page right here you see your name click there and go to settings and from there your services are under system values right here so how did it go I see some of you saying this is very easy to use you're enjoying setting things up so far it went well I'm glad to hear that yosura wonderful good so we will just keep moving right all right you can't change the time once you've created this wow okay so we'll add a new one yeah for accountability reasons so that you can just change the length of time but the the start time you cannot change all right so I just yeah I started at nine o'clock and I did two hours of work and so now you can see I've already made four hundred dollars from this project not too bad very easy to turn on the time tracking the important thing to remember is to set it up as a project where you're billing by the amount of time but just so you know it's possible and then you can fire It Off by hitting send there are even the options to pick from your different languages that you've set up right here so if you want it to go off in French well there it is it's automatically updated the text of the email so it'll be in French based on the template that I created and you can see it's attached right here if I don't want to set it up to send the invoices through the system I can also just generate a PDF and here it is I can set it up so I can do that as well I can also send a partial invoice part way through a project and I can track which ones are paid but I think and Sophie's absolute favorite point is the one at the very bottom of this list which is that you could send all your invoices at the end of the month in one click yes you just have to select all the jobs you want to invoice and then you click on invoice or Loop jobs and it creates as many invoices as you have clients and then you can check each and every invoice uh did that go did you manage to tweak your invoicing settings maybe add your logo add your address and send off a an invoice or at least generate an invoice go ahead and share some thoughts in the chat I know and Sophie was answering questions right now that's why you're just joining us now so um wonderful now why don't you answer that question out loud on Sophie so a question was about the purpose of a group of jobs yeah so um what's interesting with the group of jobs is that basically if you have meaning which jobs you have to do quite quickly and also which clients you have to call to say hi maybe you forgot to date me so that's how you can keep track of what has been invoiced paid and everything and you can create um labels about that or you can also uh choose to I don't know filter those information and you have all the information you need about your invoices again on your left side bar on the invoices section you can click there and you have a list of all your invoices right now Josh's are just created but Belgium it's important um and so that I can filter them depending on their labels I use it also for jobs in my personal jobs uh just if I have a highly confidential job it helps me pin it out and know exactly how I need to work with that one because I cannot have the data in the same places I have other data so that's the kind of thing that can be really useful super easy to set up and that's the same for the filters so you can see that you have by default some filter is in your jobs view you can add as many filters if as do that whenever I get a new client I create a new filter for that client so that I can know each and every time I get connected to my account that I need to work for that client now and I have this for my clients I can have it for my groups of jobs so right now it's non-eu or EU and I can filter by label just choosing to see only my EU clients for example which can be nice when I need to do my final year accounting um and to see how I need to invoice those people yeah and I I think we forgot to show people uh the dashboard it's optional and then you can have the amount without taxes and add your taxes taxes are some things you can set up also in your settings you just click on ADD I'll cancel because I don't need it and then it appears in your list okay and depending on where you're clicking you're gonna have all the details on the right side of the screen so for example right now I bought a new chair last year I have attached my invoice so that it's never lost anywhere and I know that it has been paid the tax I paid on it and many words do I translate per hour if I'm working for this particular client or if I'm doing legal translation well you can track all of that stuff in the reporting Tab and you can see your taxes there too so I think we've just got yeah now we don't have an image here do you want to quickly show people what that looks like and then we'll start wrapping up the reporting you mean yeah sure so you just go to that it's the last line um of your sidebar you click on it and you have a whole list of a bunch of analysis files with your calendar for keeping track of which jobs are due when um and with your cloud storage tools as well and we're at the end of our webinar and we're going to answer just a few more questions that came in at the last minute and Sophie has been answering them in the chat as we went along I think there's one question about overriding browser localization settings yes when you create your account uh you you are asked if you want to overwrite your settings the idea is that your localization settings what the theme um and create your jobs and then it populates um into the tool but then you might have to do a bit of keeping up um just to make sure that you don't have double surfaces and things like that um so yeah I'm a big fan of just preparing everything and then going but you can go either way um and if you need to change the numbers of your invoices because um some in some countries you just have to have the same structure for all your invoices from number one in others you can change depending on your clients and happy to answer and and I'll just add that the support documentation is really really good it's just pages and Pages explaining how to do everything so I think any question you get more than once ends up being a support document that's the idea so um you have a few more webinars coming up right and so if people want to learn more yeah they are not uh programmed yet but we should have one about Outsourcing and one about tips and tricks like how to set up your filters and use labels uh the best way you can and other little covering and if not just pop by check in let me know how it's going so tha"


-   The webinar is about, a tool that streamlines invoicing and project management.
-   The webinar is hosted by Josh Goldsmith, the Geek in Chief at Tech forward, a company that empowers language professionals to embrace technology.
-   The tool allows users to create jobs, set up services, track time and expenses, and invoice clients quickly and professionally.
-   The tool is constantly being updated based on user feedback and can be used for invoicing or project management.
-   During the webinar, attendees are encouraged to ask questions, share highlights or screenshots on social media, and participate in a poll about their current invoicing or project management tools.