Zoom host can share video with sound to ALL breakout rooms|Zoom主持人可對分組房播放影音


I've wanted to test this for a long time. Glad to have the definitive results: This experiment is a success, using the free account, despite Zoom's false warnings to the contrary: it isn't good at updating its user interface to reflect the latest capability.


  1. The host should open breakout rooms before sharing.
  2. Share a video (e.g. VLC Player app), and check "share sound" and "share to breakout rooms".
  3. Get false warnings like "Your video and audio will NOT be shared with Breakout Rooms": Ignore it. It's not true.
  4. See another warning: Participants using older Zoom versions cannot hear the shared sound: This may well be true, so ask them to upgrade to the latest version.

Screenshot 2024-01-19 at 12.40.57 PM.png|400

Screenshot 2024-01-19 at 12.45.29 PM.png|500