My regexes in use

date-created:: 2023-05-05

Here is a list of quickly-hacked-together regex patterns to mitigate tasks that otherwise seem Herculean.

Subtitler (app) subtitle file .srt output

Search for (in CotEditor)
Peplace with


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In Obsidian

#todo/file/d path:/[^t]\/[^\/]+\.md
(Not robust but largely gets the job done)



(annotation in parentheses: /SAMPA/ but [IPA])

SAMPA: /"e1 oU "ke1/
IPA (mwald) /ˌeıoʊˈkeı/
IPA-variant (node)
/ ˈeiˈwʌn / ([i] for [ı])
/ ˈæblaut / (/u/ for /U/)

/\\\\ [^\\]{1,100}[ˌˈ].[^\\]{1,100}\\\\/

e.g. \ si-​ˈkwe-​(ˌ)lē\

Outside Obsidian