Movavi Video Editor 4

date-created:: 2023-10-13

This Movavi edition offers simpler editing features than Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020 but proves more efficient in downsampling, reducing the file size faster at the same quality. I have been using it more since discovering how much time it saves.


Best practice (of video processing in general)


On my 27-inch Apple monitor, downsampling in 720p or below will produce fuzzy and illegible text (on computer screen, such as from web site or moving transcription). For that, one needs at least 960p and likely 1024p. Update: 720p may work if type faces are large enough.

Frame rate per second

The file size is a function of the frame rate too. The highest default is 30 fps, but setting it to 15, even 12 or 10, can produce enough clarity while reducing the file size a great deal. The videos I deal with are rarely of the high action kind that requires 30 fps.