ChatGPT for formatting and extracting glossaries

(2023-05-05) Note: The successful example below from a month ago should not be taken for granted. A later similar attempt hit a snag with ChatGPT claiming its being only an AI and unable to read a PDF file or producing only limited lines of result. This shows the commercial companies are constantly tweaking their products for maximum profits.


Q: Read the content of this web page ( and redisplay it as text. In the text, put each headword and its definition on the same line, separated by an underscore character ( _ ).


Abuse of discretion_The standard of review used by appellate courts to review decisions made by lower courts and administrative agencies. It is generally defined as a decision that is based on an erroneous interpretation of the law or a clearly erroneous finding of fact, or that is so arbitrary and unreasonable that it amounts to an abuse of the lower court's or agency's discretion.

Adjudicate_To make a formal decision or determination (e.g., a judge adjudicates a case).

Adjudication_The legal process of resolving a dispute.