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I have said a few times that Notion looked like overkill compared with Obsidian. I now admit that it was out of my ignorance: I didn't know how to make of Notion as it looked alien at a time before I came to learn about block-based or database-like PKM systems.

Hello, Notion!

My first distrust and distaste of Notion came a few weeks ago when it simply failed to delivery by bluntly showing this "Import failed" message without any explanation:


I chose to import a CSV file that I converted using Google Sheets from an Anki TSV.

On several other occasions, Notion was stuck with importing (having accepted the import file at 100%) for hours (close to 24 hours). Another sign telling me the tool's design was seriously flawed.

I thought I was going to leave it for good, ready to chalk it as a completely overhyped, unusable tool.

Then, after trials and tribulations with Logseq, Tana, and recently with a new surprise from Anki, I chanced upon the cause of import failure: Notion "capriciously" gave more helpful error message:


So, the failure was caused by inconsistent number of columns, which is strange coming from Anki, but I dug deeper and found why. It was due to my overly simple attempt to convert from TSV to CSV. To make a long story short, after using Sheets to read TSV, double-checking data consistency, and exporting as CSV, the CSV was magically processed by Notion, and I had my first Notion page with 3000 entries from Anki!

This was screaming-worthy. I skipped the celebratory drink (it was just 11AM) and quickly found out some pros and cons of Notion as initial impressions:



Quick verdict: 3 stars

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