Eudic 歐路詞典

This is a meta-dictionary app and my no. 1 go-to tool for all read-only dictionaries and other language reference materials for English, Chinese, Taigi, and occasionally French.


Mac version - purchased

Adding/removing custom dictionaries (main benefit)

Path/director to custom dictionaries


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Caution: use only the app to manage custom dictionaries

(2024-02-15) Don't delete files directly from this directory

Deleting files would cause errors in app later when you "delete properly" from the app.

Don't add directly to this directory

Don't just drop the mdx, mdd (if available), and css files (if available) to this path either. It won't work (no effect except creating bloat). Instead, drag and drop the files (multiple files are okay; it will ask you if you want to apply the same preferences to all files) into the app's 管理 interface, to the area indicated here:

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"AI Simul"

List of my installed Eudic reference materials. ⛔️

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Eudic 歐路詞典 css - how the css file name should be


⛔️ priv - Eudic 歐路詞典 2024-02-11 purchase info, order number 購買資料,訂單號#Activation code (working)

Eudic 歐路詞典 iOS - pasting mdx (and mdd, css if available) into directory of "external custom DB path" on iOS does work - immediately adds the dict to Eudic

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