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date-created:: 2023-08-07

Tana publish?


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This is tantalizing. 要命的賣關子! I think this means that some form of publishing of Tana is possible, in the way of Notion. (I haven't tried Notion publish. Only heard of it.)

My only concern is whether it'll jack up the estimated price of future subscription from the already not-inexpensive $100/year.

It should be enough for all reasonable usage, and we will keep increasing it - we are working towards the idea that not only should you be able to store all of your personal information, but big teams should be able to collaborate on complex knowledge bases, so storage limitations/speed etc should not be holding people back.

A: I'd recommend using YouTube. Embedding works  like a charm, just post the link and it comes up straight away. Even "unlisted" YouTube videos work.

Can I use regex search on field values?

A: No.

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(2023-08-07) Just as I thought Tana was beyond redemption for being unable regex search field values (as confirmed six months ago by a fellow expert user in the screenshot above), I stumbled upon another user's post offering a different result. I then proceeded to confirm that it actually allows regex search in field values, and that the regex search defaults to case-sensitive search, which can be turned off by appending i after the closing slash, e.g.


Here's the pic or it didn't happen proof:


This is a huge find! I am so glad this is happening.