ChatGPT summary of a text or transcript



Glasp's Chrome extension offers integration with YouTube's English video transcript. At the click of a button, a new window is opened with this command Summarize the following in 5 bullet points issued on a feed of the entire YouTube auto-generated video transcript. e.g.:

- The video discusses the rise of machines and the balancing of language-related AI opportunities and risks.
- The speakers include Dion Wiggins, the CTO and co-founder of Omniscience Technologies, Professor Philip Kuhn, Omniscience's Chief Scientist, and Dr. Joseph Sweeney, an industry analyst specializing in AI data privacy and compliance.
- Large language models, machine translation, and voice recognition are all AI tools that can help in effective writing and productivity but should not be considered reliable sources for factual information.
- There are red flags in inadvertently sharing private information and violating data privacy laws in fields like government, healthcare, and financial services. The data is consumed by companies like OpenAI and can be used to improve their AI models.
- The video also discusses the need for organizations to generate AI capabilities behind their traditional firewall to protect sensitive information. The video touches on AI-generated hallucinations and how to detect and combat bias in AI.

Compare that with the video host's own summary:

Abort mid-output and modify command

A twist. One can press Abort response and re-enter this new command:

Summarize the above video transcript in 10 bullet points, following one paragraph of most basic summary.

And get better, more structured summary:



In the video titled "(145) Use Obsidian Templater to Automate Our Note-Taking Workflow | For Beginners - YouTube," the speaker discusses the differences between the Obsidian Core Plugin Templates and the Obsidian Templater Community Plugin. Templater is highlighted as a more powerful option for automating note-taking processes through the use of dynamic data and variables. The initial setup process differs, with Core Plugin Templates being immediately available upon enabling, while Templater requires downloading and enabling. Templater offers automation features such as assigning templates to folders and using hotkeys for template application. The video provides demonstrations of using Templater to automate note creation and showcases its flexibility in generating variables like dates and titles. Beginners are encouraged to start with basic commands and gradually explore more advanced features. Overall, the video emphasizes the practical application of Templater for improving note-taking workflows and suggests integrating it into daily work as soon as possible.