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Forum and Chrome

  • Obsidian forum pages won't scroll most of the time (video):

Tags in file name and in metadata don't work as tags

The pound sign (#) for tags in file name is allowed if the file is directly copied under vault externally. Despite this, it does not work as tags in OB, e.g.:




iCloud free sync is often stuck in synchronizing the Obsidian configuration files

This view on my iPhone has become a daily eyesore:


Hierarchical tags

Metadata hierarchical tags can't be searched through the hashtag syntax


Tags - Obsidian Help

Highlights & Notes

That's the official documentation, but this is what I saw:
e.g. although the following hierarchical tag d/x in the metadata section of a note

tag: d/x, vocab1, vocab2

is findable by


search syntax, it is not found by the


syntax. But the same hierarchical tag outside the metadata section, expressed as hashtag:


can be found by both

tag:d/x and #d/x syntax. See how the result contradicts the official doc?

Conclusion: Avoid using hierarchical tags inside metadata for maximum tag findability.

Live preview fails

When "live preview" fails, it means what's depicted in this screenshot is not true:

!_attachments/Screen Shot 2023-05-21 at 11.30.38.png

- one solution: toggle legacy editor, relaunch, and toggle back

Dictionary lookup


Screen Shot 2023-02-28 at 11.47.17 PM.png|250


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