Obsidian + Logseq cohabitation

date-created:: 2023-07-14

I had a brief scare of this horrible cohabitation for one hour. Found it messed up my website (with lots of trash backup files). Had to pull the plug. Luckily, clearing cache on Logseq magically removed the vault reference in it without deleting any of my OB stuff.

Obsidian + Logseq coexistence and interoperability experiment: Sharing same folders, files, notes, pages, daily journals

(434) Should you use blocks or pages in LogSeq? - YouTube



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Todo: Understand the philosophy of Logseq

Learn about Logseq's block writing and reference philosophy. It may be a game changer for me. Watch and study Dario's video carefully, and go back to [Bas's video].


Messed up my OB DG Publish!