Omnivore - an open-source, free Readwise Reader alternative 免費的閱讀筆記書籤軟體

date-created:: 2023-10-03

Glad to learn of this free read-it-later app that could be a Readwise Reader killer! :-)

Read-it-later apps as a mindset shift



After creating an account, I proceeded to install the Obsidian plugin - Omnivore and hit a snag right away; had to repeat several times before Obsidian was willing to install and enable the plugin. The early difficulty didn't inspire confidence. Hope this doesn't augur more trouble to come.

Update: I experienced the Omnivore iOS app, its website, and Obsidian plugin - Omnivore integration for the first time. Smooth and delightful. All of my highlights and text notes are synced properly, including updates to them. The iOS app's UI and those pulldown menu items take a little getting used to.

Glasp killer too?

If Omnivore works as advertised, it will have a much stronger integration with Obsidian that I won't need or want to use Glasp again.

Quick verdict: 4 stars



Screen Shot 2023-11-03 at 14.37.19.png|400

Text-to-speech voice

It's unthinkable how this free read-it-later app's text-to-speech voice is eating Readwise Reader's lunch. Take a listen. To Readwise's credit, it has moving highlighting of the words as it reads.

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