Refocusing on Glossary Management

date-created:: 2023-08-09

Barking up the wrong tree

Yesterday, I focused all my energy on experimenting with creating a glossary management system using supertags in Tana, the latest and greatest PKM 個人知識管理 that's all the rage. I hit the wall very quickly. ***Doing is believing. By actually doing it, I realized that Tana's template/database approach suffers these serious problems:

I am sure Logseq is in the same quandary. Notion? Don't know, but since it is in the same category of app, I figure it's about the same.

Obsidian is hopeful, with its relaxed and versatile search using keywords like file, section, block, line, and regex on everything.

Then I realized that I've not really given Anki a proper evaluation for its custom fields. It does have those things. I finally get it.

So, I am sharing with whoever interested in glossary management this ongoing evaluation:

Glossary/terminology management and lookup app comparison and evaluation

I'm re-focusing solely on glossary/terminology concerns, not note-taking or publishing.

The major criteria now are:

On first blush, the tried-and-true old friend Anki actually fits the bill perfectly.