Language nerd identification 你是語言宅嗎?

Stumbled upon this article behind a paywall but I was able to do the quick test from the viewable 11 items. I don't really self-identify with being a language nerd and the list confirms this, but I got to tick one checkbox at least and it tickles me:

People say IPA and you think transcription system, not beer. 聽人提到 IPA,你先想到標音系統,而非一種啤酒。

其實,IPA 算什麼?我還會更冷門的 SAMPA,不是森巴舞(samba)哦!以下是我製作的對照表。

I use SAMPA as the wide phonetic transcription throughout this website because it is pure ASCII, to save time entering quirky symbols for IPA.

SAMPA – IPA Mapping 元音對照表

I created this SAMPA–IPA vowel mapping (元音/母音對照表) for my own reference. Feel free to download or link to this page with proper attribution.
IPA-SAMPA vowel mapping chart 952x794 word examples.jpg


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