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I bought LiquidText (henceforth LT to avoid confusion with LQ, which I will give Logseq) with a onetime purchase price of around $30 for the “Enterprise” edition when I noticed how amazing it was to be able to link any two points within a document or even between documents.

(August 2018)
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Also, the ability to add all kinds of annotation:

I used to read several PDF books only on LT to take advantage of its versatility in note-taking, but I stopped, I think not because I didn't enjoy the functionality, but because I grew out of the habit of reading and learning from books (especially about musical theory, harmonization, and various texts on linguistics). It was a lull in my professional life, I guess.

Stopping and forgetting the the real reason I stopped somehow misled me into believing I didn't like LT as a PDF annotation app. So, recently when I renewed interest in note-taking and annotating again, I ruled out LT as “obsolete” in my toolbox.

I'm glad today (2022-05-09) I stumbled upon this article, which reminded me that LT has all the features I've been looking for that are lacking in the Annotator OB plugin despite its tight integration with OB.

So, I'm officially excited about reading and note-taking in LT again, this time with a lot more knowledge about note-taking tools and techniques in general and OB in particular. That makes me appreciate LT more.

Truer valuation comes from increased comparison and knowledge.

A timely decision: I just ordered the critically acclaimed Nuphy wireless keyboard that supports up to four devices at once. When I can type as fast on the iPad as on Mac, I'll definitely love the iPad's uniqueness in multi-mode input with the addition of Apple Pencil.

As an aside: I should question whether I have mistreated MarginNote in the same way. After all, I spent just as much in its purchase. Cost is no issue at this point, but if I neglect MN based on my faulty memory or, what's more likely, because much less time was spent using it, it would be such a pity.


(2023-05-21) To my surprise, I found my account has the status of "LiquidText Pro." This means I can use the new Mac version of LT and sync with the iPad version without paying anything more!


p.s. Alas, the "LiquidText Pro" label is deceptive. On LT Mac, such account status does not exist. I think LT is causing this unnecessary confusion between my iPad Enterprise purchase and what it deems "LT Pro." I am waiting for their response on this issue.

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