There's no appropriate level of volume for background music for a talk|該死的背景音樂

I have a visceral disgust for any talk that's literally ruined by background music, especially when the music is loud & distracting like this. Please just stop this attack on your listeners' ears. You are turning the audience away. If they want to enjoy real music or understand a talk, they wouldn't be listening to you. In other words, the only appropriate volume level of background music is zero.


Experiment with AI translation

I happen to have recently set up a language learning plugin, creatively named "Language Learner," which offers instant lookup or machine translation of any words or amount of text I select in my note, assuming English or Chinese. It's amazingly seamless as plugins go.

YD 我对任何被背景音乐破坏的谈话都有一种发自内心的厌恶,尤其是像这样嘈杂和分散注意力的音乐。请停止对听众的攻击。你在转移观众的注意力。如果他们想欣赏真正的音乐或理解谈话,他们不会听你的。
DL 我从内心里反感任何被背景音乐毁掉的谈话,尤其是当音乐像这样嘈杂和分散注意力的时候。 请停止这种对听众耳朵的攻击。 你正在把听众拒之门外。 如果他们想欣赏真正的音乐或听懂演讲,他们就不会听你的。


Creating flashcards of bilingual phrases inspired by AI's translation

This is another fun and incredibly useful Obsidian plugin I discovered recently, again even more creatively named Spaced Repetition.

By light editing of note content (like the one you're reading now) into one-line items containing two semicolons separating the "question" and "answer," that line turns into a flashcard ready for me to review and learn directly within Obsidian. See pictures below.

Anki is not required, thank goodness! Despite its utility and popularity, I experienced some recent horror with issues of Obsidian freezing and hanging when attempting to create Anki cards from it using another set of plugin and Anki add-on. Yvonne Jiu 鞠雨融 is the Taiwanese YouTuber whose great videos helped me learn the setup.


attack to sb's ears;;攻擊...的聽力

turn sb away;;拒之門外

Flashcard review

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 1.48.49 PM.png|500

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