The earliest PKM 個人知識管理 that is still in use but getting littler and littler attention due to it being on a Parallels Desktop VM.

I'm delighted that EasyFind the free Regex 正規表式 tool on MacOS can search the text within files, therefore I can do, e.g.

\bhappen(ed|s|ing)? to\b.{1,300}(碰|巧|剛|恰|適|湊)

to find 00 Home/10 A/A-Dict/parallel text examples of correct translations. (3/1/2023)

A caveat:

  • To my disappointment, EasyFind does not reliably find text in files as expected. I tried to look for a simple fixed string such as disqus in a directory tree of files and it found fewer files than expected. I have no idea why such a simple search failed. In comparison, the tried-and-true EmEditor (available on Windows only, alas) did fine.

On Mac 2023 (Apple Silicon M3 chip laptop)

(2024-02-26) Everything is working! Phew! I can see myself using it a lot again (and perhaps delaying considering DEVONthink) because now the Windows 11 Pro VM runs side by side Mac 2023 like a powerhouse!