date-created:: 2023-10-23 turns a folder of files into a website of connected pages, complete with images, documents, embedded videos, and even direct videos. Obsidian-style links and backlinks all work. There's even an automatic archive page listing all published pages, which my current approach sadly does not offer. On appearance, this seems too good to be true, considering all that tinkering I went through much tinkering in coming up with this very website. Here's a demo video:

I am too deep into using iCloud for my Obsidian content. I tried Dropbox and it simply doesn't work for multiple vaults and for Obsidian iOS (which has been a lousy experience, by the way). For this reason, I will not get into until it eventually supports iCloud. When that happens, I'll eagerly try it out to compare with my current solution.

Things to consider when supports iCloud

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