Obsidian discount for teachers and students|Obsidian 師生優惠價

So pleased to be approved by Obsidian for 40% off Sync and Publish, thanks to my status as a teacher associated with a local college.

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 4.56.12 PM.png

Speaking of discounts, the full subscription prices of Sync and Publish have come down by 50%, from $10 and $20 per month, respectively. The cheaper, basic Sync is now $5 (limited to 1GB cloud space, too little for me) and Publish is $10 per month. The $10 Sync is the only realistic choice for me.

Applying the 40% off on top of these reduced prices, I would pay $6 for Sync and $6 for Publish, or $144 a year to try both, or less than $120 if I pay for the whole year. That is indeed a very attractive offer.

To subscribe or not to subscribe (to yet another SAAS), that is the question. My recent woes with both syncing on iOS (clearly a non-starter) and free digital garden publishing almost pushed me over the edge. The treacherous Obsidian sea is calm for now.