4K Video Downloader 下載影片的免費神器

date-created:: 2023-11-14

For downloading YouTube and Bilibili videos (I haven't tried it on other platforms; Vimeo and Facebook are next) this tool is pure heavenly bliss! It beats Yout (slow, daily limit to only 3 videos) and the shady Clipconverter.cc by a mile. The free account gives you an abundant daily limit of 30 videos, and the download speed is the fastest of all tools I've tried.

Screen Shot 2023-11-14 at 00.19.54.png

Vimeo and Facebook too

I tried downloading a public Vimeo video for the first time. It worked! I began to wonder whether any publicly viewable videos with a direct URL are downloadable. I proceeded to try a Facebook video. Boom! That worked too.

Quick verdict: 5/5

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