Obsidian PDF++ plugin demo|完勝PDF Annotator插件,簡直開外掛

Oh, I love this! 一見鍾情

  1. Select some text in the PDF.
  2. Click on a color on the toolbar. This creates a link.
  3. Paste into any note. Remember to press RETURN. Voila! See the pasted result become a nice color box.
  4. Hover over a link to get a popup preview of the context.

Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 4.06.00 PM.png

Quick verdict: 4/5


Does not work with:

OCRed PDF book with vertical text e.g. Chinese

The performance there is much worse than Obsidian plugin - Annotator|PDF註記插件. It's practically unusable.


Mouse selection sticky

On one occasion, my mouse selection goes berserk: it slips and ends up selecting more text than intended as I navigate the context menu.


Restarting the computer worked. Glad it's only a one-off anomaly.

Auto-paste needs extra new line at the end to avoid gluing together successive quotes

Discovering the problem


Guided by forum, made my YT self-guide

More ...

Combining PDF reading, annotating, backlinking for context, and flashcarding 一邊閱讀筆記一遍建立閃卡