Adding Disqus to Netlify

#mynote Perhaps it was partly serendipity and partly tenacity, I got Disqus working while having zero knowledge about componentization (include files, etc.) of a website. Credit all goes to utsob (my thanks and the context of the help) for pointing the way twice.


  1. Register an account with [Disqus](https://disqus.
  2. Install it according to the site's platform. My site is built with Github + Netlify, not in the pre-defined list, so I had to manually install Disqus using the Universal Code
  3. #paste/glasp/link I saw someone's success

(The same highlight with #paste/glasp)

r/ObsidianMD - I built a digital garden using Obsidian for free.


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Highlights & Notes

This majorly piqued my interest.

Update: Success in the end.

Hello, Disqus!

Hooray! I did it again! This time, I added Disqus commenting function to my website, following this failed attempt:

just a few days ago, all thanks to the kind owner of for pointing out what I did wrong.

The change is not perfect, for I discovered the wonky placement and disappearance of the light/dark theme switch on the page. Still, it's a rewarding feeling that putting in the work pays off.

Pics or it doesn't exist

Screen Shot 2023-04-26 at 01.09.24.png