Continuing accelerated Logseq learning

The title is deliberately semantically ambiguous :-)

Both readings of "learning Logseq" and "learning through Logseq" are possible. The latter requires the knowledge that Logseq is a learning tool. It is. The former is more generic and can be applied to anything learnable.

I am trying to catch two birds with one ambiguous title.

As mentioned in the recent post about generic knowledge, I truly feel that Logseq (and to a large extent Obsidian too) is quite an amazing tool for note-taking with a prime emphasis on short notes and daily journals, both of which encourage writing.

My second website is live!

Perhaps it's a perfect segue into announcing here that I have created a second website completely out of pure curiosity about whether it was as easy as Dario da Silva claimed to publish a website through Logseq. Having spent hours toiling and monkeying around and with a stroke of luck, I finally created my first website through Obsidian just three months ago. That prior experience hugely informs the new undertaking. The web publishing through Logseq literally took me just ten minutes, repeating the steps from memory after watching Dario's video.

So, to anyone who happens to stumble upon this post, here's my second (experimental) website:


I decided to name it with this punny name of "Log So You May Seek," playing on Logseq, which accordingly to its meaning (sequence of log) should be pronounced /"lQg si:k/ (Please consult this mapping for SAMPA vowels: Note on the SAMPA phonetic transcription)

The name serves as a reminder and encouragement that I should try to log, record, note everything that's worth logging, so that I may come back to seek, find, retrieve, and review it in the future. I am very painfully aware of my own foible of not having a good memory. I even thought of myself a mild case of the Guy Pierce character in the movie Memento, needing to take a photo of everything experienced lest it be forgotten in the next minute. I especially enjoy taking a screenshot or making a video recording of what I did well or successfully to document the little joy of accomplishing something, be it a small task of learning, and tag it with #proof/photo, because it's "pic or it didn't happen," or 沒圖沒真相 as we call the meme in Chinese.

I'd like to drink a toast to myself: To continuous accelerated learning through whatever apt tools! Cheers! 🍻