MacBook 2023 Pro Max, 16 inch, with the M3 chip upgrade log|新購Mac筆電從Intel版狂升到M3晶片:綜合心得紀錄

I completed the 10-hour system-to-system transfer following Apple MacOS's onscreen guide after turning on the new laptop. This is a log of my findings. I really appreciate being given more than 40 days to decide whether to keep it or return.


Quick summary


Apple 27" Cinema Display with Mini DisplayPort adapter


The smooth transition

All data and many apps and programs appear to have been transferred over without a hitch. That's a big relief, especially on the data side. The rest of the note documents the exceptions.

Zoom (video conferencing)

Works as expected. Can even share either of the dual screen after giving security permissions. The Cinema display's camera doesn't have pixellation or freezing as one Amazon user warned.

Apple 27" Cinema Display with Thunderbolt adapter

Works after getting a thunderbolt to USB-C adapter.

The manual adjustments or additions

Loopback 音訊繞接軟體

Input methods 輸入法

Unexpectedly, specific input systems I had are lost after the transfer. I simply needed to reinstall Squirrel as my go-to Chinese input.


Screen Shot 2023-11-22 at 04.36.15.png|200

The 8-port USB Type C hub


The older version of Anki doesn't work anymore. Luckily, Anki released a new version that works for Apple Silicon. After installing it, everything worked without needing to re-enable existing profiles.

The ugly surprises

Movavi Screen Recorder 桌面錄影軟體

Initially, appears to be working after re-entering the serial number from the original purchase. Except that after recording is started, it cannot be stopped and must be forced to quit. Seriously? The result was a bogus video file, almost zero byte, that couldn't be played. This is the older purchased version 11; it is dead on Apple Silicon.

Happily, I just installed a 7-day trial version of the new Movavi 24 (for 2024, I guess), and everything worked like before! It's just a matter of deciding whether I want to shell $73 to buy the lifetime version of the new screen recorder + editor. Comparing that price to $43 for just the screen recorder and for only one-year subscription, it's a steal.

Screenshot 2023-11-23 at 19.22.56.png|300

(2023-11-25) I got an even better combo deal and pulled the trigger:

Screenshot 2023-11-25 at 19.54.30.png|300

Argument for Movavi over QuickTime

Movavi can record dual screens as long as the area is a rectangle. This is better than QuickTime. Also, QuickTime is known to quietly quit recording midway without you knowing. That's murderous! Movavi has never done that. Other features:

Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020 and Movavi Video Editor 4


Video I followed to install Rosetta successfully

Windows 10 VM can't be started. Confirmed dead.

The CKlau USB 3.0 2-device sharing switch failed

雖然失望卻也在意料中。這個切換兩個電腦的USB 3.0介面完全無法使用了,我之前靠它切換如下的裝置:

The old faithful Mac 老當益壯的舊筆電

Mid-2014 MacBook Pro (Intel)|2014年版MacBook Pro