Sold on Mem's AI magic

This video by Srini is worth watching to compare Mem to Obsidian, which I am sold on, and to Notion, which I never got into. Below's my Glasp on it.

Another video by Rafeh is even more noteworthy as it tries to persuade users away from Obsidian. Having watched it, I am extremely tickled and itchy to try Mem. You'll see how much Glasp I highlighted from Rafeh's talk below. This OpenAI funding news on Mem strongly supports Rafeh's excitement.

I don't think I'll stop using Obsidian just yet. I second several users' comments who predict that Obsidian will be able to pull off the same AI magic soon. This should not prevent me from making Mem another active PKM of mine.

Update 2023-07-12: Tana seems to have taken the AI cake:

AI integration


(336) Why I Switched From Notion to Mem - YouTube


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Highlights & Notes

Cool! Below is a Glasp timed comment with link to the clip.


(336) F*ck Obsidian. Learn THIS Instead - YouTube


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  1. Spotlight: what Glasp does, but better. Better than Glasp+Obsidian.

  2. auto-linking related things such as people ("Frankie" example).

  3. Integration with text (texting) as Inbox items.

  4. Strong collaboration (project, team, work)

  5. Tasks (todo list) with checkbox, reminder.

  6. Ultimately, the goal is CREATIVE OUTPUT. Agreed!

7. Killer app: AI.

Rafeh: this AI is revolutionary and different.
comp: chatGPT, Notion AI.
example: ask a question about Mr. Beast. what did he say?

This is: chatGPT trained on your own PKM!

  1. Can answer based on text in IMAGES! (CHINESE?) -- Chinese is NOT supported. I know. :-(

Big downside:

  1. AI queries cost money! 15 cents per query. (Correction: Craft is NOT free.)

Highlights & Notes