Evernote termination and exodus 「永遠」筆記(Evernote)不再永遠

Horrified to find Evernote pulling a dirty by ambushing us with new rule of allowing only 50 notes in one notebook in the free plan, a serious idiotic downgrade from unlimited use up to 60mb per month. The company didn't telegraph this at all and suddenly sprang the notice on the users, an unpleasant cheap move.

I had harbored intention to use Evernote less since I learned to use Obsidian early this year. Naturally, I'm not going to be extorted into paying. I started exporting notes as HTML en masse.

Alas, the 38K note export failed twice at about 10-20%, and I have no idea which notes had been exported.


I had to resort to exporting 100 notes at a time, for 380 times. Darn!!!

Settled method: exporting to HTML only notes updated notes since a date

Before laboring to repeat the 380 times of idiotic task, I realized that I had once exported en masse a few years ago. Yes, it was Feb 2020 when I did that to search in Dtsearch.

So, I found out that more than 22K notes had been exported that way.

Now, all I have to do is find notes updated/modified since Feb 2020, and export ONLY those notes. This will reduce my manual task to no more than 16K, or to about 45%. Woohoo! :-(

Better methods


A free tool has come to rescue me! It supports ENEX only.

Obsidian plugin - Importer

UpNote - Escape from Evernote|幫助Evernote難民出走的佛心軟體