Apple Notes disinteroperability

Below is an example of a copy-and-paste onto OB a note with some text and two pictures, directly from Apple Notes app on Mac. The two pictures were initially not copiable this way and left two wide blanks. They had to be manually singly selected, copied, and then pasted. What pain this is!

Exporter app for Export

Turns out this is also one of the note that the Exporter (app) app reports being unable to export to .md in its en masse export.

The overall fail rate is 1% (12 out of 1063) in my first experiment.


This export of 1000 notes took about 30 minutes. A bit slow.


AHD American heritage dictionary pronunciation guides

美國傳統字典 美國文萃字典 辭典 詞典

發音 多個 次序?重要性?



trans la tor (träns la' tar, trânz°-, träns-la'tar, tränz-)