Dictionaries and thesauri

date-created:: 2023-04-24

When I don't have any iOS devices with me or when I am already on the web Googling something, my go-to American English dictionary on the web is M-W, followed by AHD5 as a distant fourth or fifth when in doubt. Despite my trust in AHD, its web interface is horrendous.

When I am away from the large screen, Eudic 歐路詞典 becomes my premier source, where AHD's and M-W's rankings are reversed. But, on Eudic, I place MWALD even higher than AHD, because knowing what such an outstanding advanced learner's dictionary says about a word is extremely valuable knowledge. Because of the excellent expand/collapse UI in Eudic, looking at several dictionaries for a word or an expression is a cinch.

Here's an admirable Obsidian digital garden made through blood and sweat, according to the creator, an obvious lover of language in China. I am curious about its origin. Anyone recognize it?