Anki to Mochi to Obsidian

Having set up Obsidian on February 24, 2023, I am experiencing accelerated fascination with it. In less than two months, I figured out how to publish a subset of my OB vault to the web for free. Soon after that, I am now hosting the published OB digital garden on my chosen professional domain name as a professional website!

One thing quickly led to another. Now I'm thinking of migrating at least the most frequently searched and updated Anki notes into OB. The reason is obvious: Anki and all SR systems like its grandfather Supermemo don't have the dual linking between notes, something OB is famous and loved for and that makes it so much more powerful. I found myself wishing that power for Anki, because I've built up Anki with million-strong entries and consider it an incredibly valuable asset. Without the interlinks, everything can feel so scattered.

To that end, I found Mochi. It looks promising.

Update: I spent most of 2024-05-04 doing lots of Regex 正規表式 wrangling and massaging, but the results, the first batch of 25,000 Anki vocabulary entries in Obsidian and enjoying OB's amazing unlinked mentions, immediately proved my intuition right. All the migration work was worth it. The Anki vocab list now looks like a living organism greeting me to play with it more, and discover and create more links within it. One really has to have used both systems on the same content to feel the power of connection!


r/ObsidianMD - Is it possible to fully migrate from Anki to Obsidian?


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Anki-Obsidian meta notation