ChatGPT voice chat surprise, delight, and caution|和ChatGPT中英雙語對話:既驚豔又心存警戒


I had my first experience with the just-announced new capability of OpenAI's ChatGPT to voice chat with a user. At first I shrugged it off as just another gimmicky feature, because experience with any bots through voice had been ... meh: it is limited to one single language, either English or Mandarin for me, but not both.

Well, not with ChatGPT. We already know that it gladly takes input text in any language, even mixed languages in the same paragraph or sentence. So I was surprised and delighted when the voice interface actually extends this mixed-language capability from text without imposing a single-language limitation.

In my default text prompt, I asked ChatGPT to respond in Traditional Chinese for Taiwan (my preferred flavor of Chinese) if my input text is in English (effectively, translate English to Chinese), and in English if my input text is anything but English (effectively, translate any non-nglish to English).

With that default setting, I had a short voice interaction with ChatGPT midway of watching a YouTube video in Mandarin, in which the physics professor talked about a certain "Hilbert Space" (希爾伯特空間), which has to do with quantum physics and was an alien concept for me. Curious, I asked ChatGPT "What is Hilbert Space?" in Mandarin.

It first responded in English, as my default prompt requested, but peppered the English response with technical terms in Mandarin. This is a delight, despite it temporarily screwed up the pronunciation for one term in Mandarin (but soon recovered).

Next, I asked it to "restate the response in Traditional Chinese for Taiwan." Now it gave me, by voice, the same response but in Mandarin, just as I requested.

In summary, ChatGPT is able to communicate in multiple languages in the same voice. The voice in this instance is basically a native-English voice with the ability to speak Mandarin with a slight and charming American-English accent. It also has an uncanny human-like prosody that made me feel I was talking to a real person. I feel AI will more easily win over human users' trust by mimicking human speech pattern (hesitation, pauses, etc.) and this is where we should be cautious. With that charming voice, we may be caught off guard and take whatever the AI bot says at face value, forgetting that hallucination is still an issue.

Watch my short voice interaction with ChatGPT.


跟機器人語音對話:這個中英夾雜、抑揚頓挫簡直真人一般的ChatGPT 3.5機器人,太驚豔了。