OB plugin - Omnisearch

Any functionality offering full-text indexing and search get my attention. This one for the OB vault definitely sounds awesome at first sight.


Quick verdict: 2 stars

The underscoring search terms in in the results is nice. Looks like multiple search terms separated by spaces mean the AND operator: all of these terms, a typical “idiom.”


Screen Shot 2023-05-04 at 11.43.14.png

As show, it treats interpret and internet as words with the same lemma through an obviously crude and dumb process of lemmatization.

To its defense, many tools out there, such as Cymo Note, a CAI tool that I was interested enough to check out, don't even do any lemmatization but use the basest form of search: strict whole-string matching. Compared with them, some lemmatization is still a welcome effort.