Gmail hierarchical labels for organization

date-created:: 2023-08-19

I rely more and more on digital record-keeping for mundane things in life. Case in point: I set up a reminder that the annual Costco reward points should be used by December 31, 2023. On seeing the reminder, the old me would be searching Gmail for the actual reward certificate, and attempt to cash it out on my next visit to Costco. What is worse, if the deadline is imminent, I may have to dash to Costco when I otherwise have no need.

Luckily, the new digital record-keeping me did something right. Right after I redeemed the points on a Costco visit months ago, I practiced the habit of labeling the certificate email (in Gmail) as "redeemed." Seeing the label, I confidently know that there's no need to call the bank to verify the redemption or go to Costco to find out.

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Gmail supports hierarchical labels. They are really the analogs of tags and can be searched, and are great for organizing emails and recording "statuses" of things. Keep taking advantage of them!