Prescription painkiller 處方止痛藥

Ibuprofen 800mg (to take 3 times a day) is powerful. One pill taken 40 minutes ago has completely dulled the pain from a tooth extraction 6 hours ago. Let's hope it lasts because I have seven more hours to go until the next "high."

#gptTrg [1]

布洛芬 800 毫克(每天三次)很有效。 40 分鐘前吃了一顆,完全麻痺了六小時前拔牙所引起的疼痛。希望效果持續,因為還有七個小時才能再次「享受」。

Note 註:
[1] Obsidian tag 'gptTrg'|Obsidian的「gptTrg」標籤