Foam, FoamBubble

I first tried to install and use Foam by following this non-dev video but soon hit a snag. The actual Visual Studio UI I experienced is different from what's presented.

It's confusing how to set it up and applying certain recommended templates for look and feel and most importantly basic functionality such as enabling back links.

The first impression was, this is too technical for me to bother for the moment. I really have never been the developer's type.


I moved from Obsidian (big fan) to Foam because I already do most of my writing and coding in vscode might as well keep my notes there as well. Loads of vscode functions and plugins (like asciidoc) carry over to note taking world perfectly!

Have to say though - it's quite a bit of work to get the whole Foam ecosystem working compared to obsidian but once you get it done it's very freeing.