More realistic use of note-taking apps as a glossary, terminology management and lookup tool

Lowered expectations, fruitful results

Following Fool's errand in pushing the envelope of software limit, I took my own advice at the end:

Okay, enough ranting. Now dial back the monkeying around and settle for something realistic that will result in actual tangible improvement of my professional and personal life.

So, instead of keeping trying to load 800K or 500K or eventually 300K entries onto Obsidian and Logseq and keeping failing in frustration, I last gave both of them the smallest set possible to try: the 30K terms that I've built up over the years on the accidental foundation of GRE 字彙紅寶書 with 9000 entries. I consider this set to the most personal and essential to my work and learning, as I have searched, updated, and added to it daily. It covers not only the initial hifalutin' vocab, but also down-to-earth idioms and expressions in English and Chinese that I come across from work and casually from web surfacing and video and TV watching.

My thought is, if I couldn't make them work for 300K, can I at least make something out of them, and use them for this little gem of a glossary that I hold dear? The answer is, yes, and how exhilarating it is to see the search working on both Obsidian and Logseq.

The exact way I interact with the search UI, enter the search query, and the response time are all crucial factors here. I have spent all of my computing-aware life since the earliest days of the military service thinking about and actually obsessed with finding or creating an app to serve my need for terminology search. 30 years later, the obsession has only grown stronger, because professionally I desire such a tool available to me 24/7, even more so than before.

I wouldn't have gone on this journal had Anki not lack the "search-as-you-type," (henceforth SAYT) or auto-complete, or auto-suggest capability that we all take for granted everywhere we use digital search. Why would a great tool as popular as Anki not provide this convenience is beyond me. Despite minor issues, both Obsidian and Logseq pass the test for simple search and provide a nice experience with SAYT.

That is the little improvement that I will settle for for now. I am glad I've come to this conclusion. It makes future pursuit more calculated as I narrow the options.