Syncing Obsidian for Free

Syncing Obsidian vaults between devices, especially desktop and mobile.


How to sync an Obsidian vault between MacOS desktop and iOS for free

Error: "iCloud disabled for Obsidian" on iOS/iPadOS?



Highlights & Notes

iCloud drive path for Obsidian on the Mac

Though the Obsidian vault on iCloud on the Mac appears to be under

iCloud Drive/Obsidian/<vault>

as shown in Finder:

Screen Shot 2023-04-22 at 17.53.18.png|400

The actual folder/directory of iCloud drive's Obsidian is actually here:

/Users/<username>/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~md~obsidian/Documents/<vault>

This is the path that a diff tool such as Beyond Compare needs to point to in order to find files.


I initially set up my desktop Obsidian vaults on Dropbox, but haven't found any workable solution for syncing it to mobile devices, so I moved Obsidian to iCloud (Drive). It's been almost smooth sailing since, with the exception of sluggishness and constant indexing.

Update: Dropbox Obsidian vault on iOS: can't be done