The Regex 正規表式 used is CUI regular expression engine (Important changes on CotEditor 4.2 - CotEditor. Never heard of it.

Quick verdict: 3.5 stars



I have renewed unmitigated respect for EmEditor, a powerful editor that handles large text files with ease and grace. I am talking about a 500MB text file with 3.2 million lines and it still sorted it and deleted duplicates in it in a few seconds. In comparison, CotEditor on Mac, despite my delight in discovering its support for Unicode script/code block regex like \p{Han}, can't even handle one quarter of that (800K lines) without hanging indefinitely. It's such a pity that EmEditor, my favorite text editor bar none since I found it in 2000s, is Windows-only.

(Also, I hereby confirm that unfortunately CotEditor does not support regex conditionals.)